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If you did not grow it, make it or produce it, you cannot sell it at the Memphis Farmers Market.

We hope the following information assists you in determining if you would be an eligible vendor candidate for the Memphis Farmers Market. The following is provided as a brief introduction to the vendor types and by no means encompasses every requirement for admittance. All applications are thoroughly vetted by the Memphis Farmers Market Vendor Selection Committee and decided considering many variables including product diversity and available market share.

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A farmer selling produce that they are growing personally.

The majority of our farmers are smallish, family run operations. Growers must obtain a letter or grower affidavit from their county extension agent stating what crops are grown and where they are grown. Growers are not allowed to sell ANY items from wholesalers, retailers or third party vendors. USDA Certified Organic is not required but we do encourage growers to use as few chemicals as possible. One 10’x10′ space is $40.00 per week but several discounts are available for paying in advance.

Prepared Foods

MFM_Vendors_prepared foods.jpg

A vendor selling prepared foods.

Vendors that fall into this category should be “hands on” in the crafting of fine food products. Vendors should abide by all city, county, state and federal regulations that govern sampling, production, labeling, and safety of any product offered for sale at the MFM. Current copies of all pertinent inspections or permits must be uploaded with application. Product taste samples will be required for the MFM Vendor Committee before approval is made. Using locally sourced products is always a plus for these type of vendors. One 10’x10′ space is $40.00 per week but several discounts are available for paying in advance.



A vendor selling kitchen or garden artisan items.

These vendors make hand crafted artisan products that are designed to be used in a home kitchen or garden. Ceramic dishes, wood turned bowls and bird houses are approved examples from this category. Jewelry, antiques or fashion are not approved at this time to sell at the MFM. One 10’x10′ space is $40.00 per week but several discounts are available for paying in advance.

NEW FOR 2019 We are opening up our Holiday Markets to a more diverse selection of local artists and artisans!

Food Truck

MFM_Vendor_food truck.jpg

A vendor selling cooked food from a permitted food truck.

We look for food trucks that incorporate locally sourced ingredients who provide delicious and healthy menu options. High decibel generator dependent trucks are not preferred. Food trucks will have to be inspected by the Vendor Committee Chair and taste samples provided. One food truck space is $50.00, electricity is provided, several discounts are available for paying in advance.

New Vendors

Your application will not be processed until this fee is paid in full.

The application tutorial will take you to Manage My Market,, an on-line farmers market management company. There you will follow the instructions to complete and submit your application. Please READ all the messages and the “Vendor Contract” BEFORE you submit your application. Once you are ready to apply, click the vendor application button.


ALL VENDORS full season are responsible for carrying $1,000,000 liability insurance, including product coverage. If your application is approved you must provide a copy of certificate expressly naming the “The Memphis Farmers Market”. Proof of insurance must be submitted before opening day of the current season or set up will not be permitted.